Beginning in January 2017, Codarts has started the 2-Year Course Vocal Leadership. This is a 2-year part-time, certificate based course on a post-bachelor level. It is not necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree from a conservatory if you can demonstrate a commensurate level of quality during the admission test. The course is comprised of 12 intense weekends (3 per semester/module) and will include practical, hands-on tools and classes. The weekends will take place at Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Rotterdam, at two locations: Kruisplein and WMDC.

To be accepted, an admission test is required. The audition is a video which documents your work with a vocal ensemble consisting of at least 12 singers and 4 voices at a medium/advanced level. The audition video must include the following:

  • Detailed rehearsal work (e.g. phrasing, dynamic, sound, groove) of an already rehearsed (known) piece of music;
  • Required assignment for rehearsal, from scratch (you will receive a few weeks of preparation time);
  • A concert piece with your choir that you consider ready for concert (this does not have to be filmed at an actual concert, but it should be performed on the video as though it were a concert);
  • A self-chosen rhythmic song, sung to own accompaniment on piano, by you.

You will upload two unedited recordings of the same audition with fixed cameras in HD quality and with good sound in stereo:

  • One camera showing the audition from an audience’s point of view;
  • One camera showing the conductor from the side in full figure.

Copies of the material (scores, lyrics, etc.) to be used for the audition must be submitted together with the video link. Upload your material online (hidden) and send the link(s) to

Total duration of exam/video: 30 minutes.

On the website of Codarts there is a page with information on the Parttime 2-Year Course as well.

During the 2-year course, the student is expected to have a training choir.

For application go here.

Check dates, deadlines and costs here.