Inspiration Day 
  • Friday November 15 2024 – 10am to 4pm
  • Friday November 7 2025 – 10am to 4pm
Intense Studyweekends Fall 2024 Semester
  • Weekend 1 – Friday October 4 (4pm) till Sunday October 6 (5pm)
  • Weekend 2 – Friday November 15 (4pm) till Sunday November 17 (5pm)
  • Weekend 3 – Friday December 6 (4pm) till sunday December 8 (5pm)
Intense Studyweekends Spring 2025 Semester
  • Weekend 1 – Friday March 7 (4pm) till Sunday March 9 (5pm)
  • Weekend 2 – Friday April 4 (4pm) till Sunday April 6 (5pm)
  • Weekend 3 – Friday May 9 (4pm) till sunday May 11 (5pm)
Intense Studyweekends Fall 2025 Semester (subject to change)
  • Weekend 1 – Friday October 3 (4pm) till Sunday October 5 (5pm)
  • Weekend 2 – Friday November 7 (4pm) till Sunday November 9 (5pm)
  • Weekend 3 – Friday December 12 (4pm) till sunday December 14 (5pm)


  • Fulltime Master: 1 februari
  • Inspiration Day: Monday before the Inspiration Day takes place
  • Vocal Percussion Course: 1 juli 2024
  • Courses Spring: Januari 1st of the same year
  • Courses Fall: Juli 1st of the same year
  • Extra singer: monday before weekend starts.


  • Fulltime Master: Legally determined tuition fee. Indication: € 2300 per study year.
  • 2-Year Course: € 3980 (€ 995 per module, 4 modules); 2-Year Course as a conservatory student: €500 per module
  • Module 1 through 4:  €995
  • Vocal Percussion Course: €500
  • Inspiration Day: € 110
  • Alumni Day: €110
  • Weekend as extra singer: € 110

For application, click here.

The Vocal Leadership invoice will be sent to the participant before the start of the training. The invoice must be paid within 30 days. Cancellation: The organization of Vocal Leadership can decide not to let the course take place. This happens in very exceptional cases, for example in case of insufficient registrations. This will be decided no later than 4 weeks before the start of the course. Participants will then be notified in writing. There is then a 100% refund.If you have registered for a module, but have nevertheless decided to cancel your participation, we apply the following cancellation conditions: In the event of cancellation by the participant, the participant owes the following: 100% of the price in case of cancellation after the deadline indicated on the website, if the participant cannot find a replacement participant. 0% of the price if canceled before the deadline that can be found on the website.In principle, there is no refund of the course fee if you are unable or unwilling to complete the course. However, Vocal Leadership has leniency arrangements that are applied on a case-by-case basis.

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Lesson and footage: Classes may be filmed and recorded with audio for home study. However, these images may not be used for communication with third parties, unless the person (teacher) or group concerned has given permission for this. Sheet music used in the lessons may not be reproduced or distributed without permission. This is only for use during the course.