Vocal Leadership ONLINE methods course

A new initiative in these online times. Many of us are teaching choir now in an online environment. On the internet we can find a lot of information about the do’s and don’ts. For those who are looking for some personal guidance and concrete ideas, Vocal Leadership now offers a course for maximum 10 participants, to share our methods.

After our first course in April 2020:

‘Great tips, a lot of inspiration and encouragement, good size of the group. It gave me plenty of tools to keep my online rehearsals rolling. Thanks!’

‘The notes of these classes will bring me further, not only online but also when I will be back in real life with my choir as a conductor.’

‘This was a big help to create structure and feel more confident with preperation for my students, in different fields’.


In a time of social distancing, the sense of community and connection that a choir provides is very important for people. Therefore, this course is set up with the purpose of providing you with inspiration in maintaining continuity with your choir practise.


A short Vocal Leadership course. During six hours (4 sessions) online, you discover the methods and games of Vocal Leadership together with Merel Martens. Peder Karlsson will contribute with Singers’ Tools exercises adapted to online teaching, plus a brief introduction to embodied singing practise. Things that your singers can do even when they cannot hear the other choir members sing.

The tools are translated to the online environment combined with technical information about hardware and software. Participants will be inspired by small tasks, guidance and Q&A.

For who?

Maximum 10 vocal leaders, conductors or teachers that are searching for guidance and concrete ideas for online choir rehearsals.


Merel Martens (NL)

Peder Karlsson (SE)


€125 all-in

When? (This session is full. If you want to be in the next one, please write us an email)

Session 1: 60 minutes with Peder & Merel May 11th 15-16h

Session 2: 120 minutes with Peder May 14h 15-17h

Session 3: 120 minutes with Merel April May 18th 15-17h

Session 4: 60 minutes with Peder & Merel May 20th 15-16h

How do I sign up?

Use the contact and application form on this website. You can also get there via this link.

What do participants need?

A laptop or computer with Zoom with video and audio options (no iPad or smartphone).